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Jon Svetkey

I'll Be Your Rock

You said, This should be the best year of my life.
Where did everything go wrong?
You said, Everydays another endless nightmare.
That goes on and on and on.
You said, I think someones got it in for me.
God is laughing at my plans.
You said, Maybe this is just my destiny.
Always dealt a losing hand.
You said, Im just trying to catch one glimpse of light
In this hole of helplessness.
You said, I have faith that things will turn out fine
But I dont know if I can take much more of this.

And I know that you want to scream out loud
Cuz theres nothing you can do.
And although you dont realize it now
Im not giving up, giving on you.

If you should fall Ill lift you up.
If you cant fight I can get tough.
If you need an ear to bend or break
Im here to talk.
If youre in doubt Ill stand your ground.
If you cant laugh Ill be your clown.
If your legs should buckle under you
Ill help you walk.
If you get lost Ill be your guide.
If you cant see Ill be the light.
If you need the strength to carry on
If you need the strength to carry on
If you need the strength to carry on
Ill be your rock.


Words and Music Jon Svetkey