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Jon Svetkey

She's A Little Mystery

She dont know where to go each day
But she gives you every reason why she dont want to stay.
She cant say what she dont understand
But with one little word youre in the palm of her hand.
Shes a little mystery.

She gets tired but she dont want to sleep
After spending all day knocking you off of your feet.
She dont dance but she sure plays games.
If you ask real nice she might tell you her name.
Shes a little mystery.

When she looks at you
With those big brown eyes
Its a clich to say
But she cuts you down to size.
Shell steal your heart and soul.
Melt the air you breathe.
She will rearrange your life like you wont believe.

Shes small town, never roamed too far
But when she talks youd swear she was a Hollywood star.
When she says, Yes, yes, she means, No, no, no.
When she says, Stop, Stop, she means, Go, go, go.
Shes a little mystery.


Words and Music Jon Svetkey