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Jon Svetkey

Pocketful Of Change

Another worried night. Another worried day.
I cant believe the road were on.
I cant believe the fight we have to face.
I didnt dot my Is. Didnt cross my Ts.
Isnt there some loophole here to help me
Stop this war and get some peace?

All I want to see is a pocketful of change.
A reason to believe in these desperate broken days.
Ill get down on my knees, pray for hope and faith and strength.
All I really need is a pocketful, a pocketful of change.

Was any other day in any other year.
The sky fell down.
Suddenly were living out our deepest darkest fears.
I wish it wasnt you. I wish it wasnt true.
If I could take your place I would but I cant
So Ill do anything I can do.


All of this is wrong.

Youre beating back the tides. Riding every wave.
Im truly terrified but Im watching you
Make strides you shouldnt make.
You never lose your cool. Never let me down.
Someday well look back on this and
I will say, Goddamn, you made me proud.



Words and Music Jon Svetkey