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Jon Svetkey

My Old Town

Me and Jim were seven. Summer was about to explode.
Looking for adventure, we rode our bikes until there wasnt any place left to go.
Banana seats and cards in our spokes.
Laughing at great knock knock jokes.
Never went inside until our moms were yelling, Its time to come home.

(In my old town)  People like the quiet.
(In my old town)  -You can breathe the air.
(In my old town)  The old-timers ask, How you doing? As if they really care.
(In my old town)  All your neighbors know you.
(In my old town)  No one locks their house.
(In my old town)  Dont you bother leaving, youll be coming back to my old town.

By the time we got to high school me and Jim had drifted apart.
He was hockey captain. I was holed up in my bedroom playing my guitar.
Starting bands with my new friends.
School was just a means to an end.
I couldnt wait to go so I could hit the road and become a rock and roll star.


Twentieth reunion, Jimmy said he was doing fine.
Had a wife, two kids, you know his life had turned out to be exactly like mine.
Hey, Its great to see you round here.
Come on let me buy you a beer.
You know, maybe I should come back more than every once in a lifetime.



Words and Music Jon Svetkey