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Jon Svetkey

As Long As There's Forever


When you threw that little tantrum
In the shoe store at the mall
Were you looking for attention?
Did you see those people stare?
And when you grabbed that bag of crayons
And scribbled on the wall
Did you think I wouldn't notice?
Did you think I wouldn't care?
Well, you're the sweetest little girl.  You've got my eyes.
Despite the way I act sometimes I hope you realize

As long as there's a billion stars up in the sky
And you ask a million questions that begin with the word "Why?"
As long as I can hold your hand or I can hold you when you cry
This will be true, so true…
As long as there's forever, forever is as long as I'll love you.

When I told you for the tenth time,
"Pick your coat up off the floor,"
Did you think that I was joking
Or maybe talking to myself?
And when I said, "Don't tease your sister,
"Let her use your dinosaurs."
Were you really, really hoping
I was telling someone else?
Well, you're the sweetest little boy.  My little man.
I know sometimes I'm just too hard on you but I hope you understand


Well, you're the sweetest little boy and little girl
You can't believe how you completely own my heart
I know someday you'll go out and conquer the world
But even when you do I promise you, I promise you we'll never be apart.