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Jon Svetkey

Dust It Off


In a corner of the attic
Out of sight, out of mind
Stashed behind old coats and blankets
Long gone, hard to find
It sits there like a bad decision taunting you again
Reminding you of what you wished and wanted way back when

Dust it off
Dust it off
Dust it off
Dust it off
Dust it off

In a flimsy, cardboard case
Taped together, stained with beer
It's followed you from place to place
No complaints, year after year
It asks you like a long lost friend sighing on the phone
"Remember how we used to say we'd go out on the road?"




In a second time is frozen
Everything today is gone
Here's the path you might have chosen
String it up, strap it on
You hold it like you held your girlfriend dancing at the prom
Suddenly you're strumming that old Allman Brothers song

Dust it off